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Prang Watercolor Sets

Prang watercolor sets are perfect for anyone looking for a variety of colors to add to your home decor. This 12-pack seems like a great deal, especially when you can use them to create a variety of similar looking sets. The sets come in various sizes, so you can find the set that fits your needs. The sets are pharmacy-free, so you can use them with your own home decor.

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This set comes with a 16-color set of the dixon oval 16-color semi-moist water color. It is perfect for any type of painting project.
prang is back with more of their metallic washable watercolors! These sets are sure to add a little bit of personality to any room. Each set contains 8 colors, so there’s plenty to choose from. Whether you need a simple aquamarine set to add to your kitchen table set or a fun pirahantethan set to use in a playful home movie, these sets are sure to serve your purpose.
this is a set of 10prang watercolor pencils with brush 10 assorted colors. Each pencil has a unique design and a
review from customers. This set is a great way to get your hands on some prang products and to
test your skills.